How much will it cost?

Our prices are some of the lowest in the market but it does not compromise the quality of our transaltions. The price depends on the frequency of the document, the difficulty of the text, the volume and urgency. The price for most popular documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.) will be the lowest, and the price for specialized texts (agreements, legal, technical, medical texts) will be the highest.

  • The price for fluent text translation (letters, articles, books, agreements, instructions, etc.) is set per page, i.e. 1650 symbols not including spaces (approximately 280 words, including articles).
  • The price for document translation (certificates, diplomas, etc.) is set per actual page.
  • The final price for a specific job can only be set when the text to be translated has been seen and when the difficulty, the volume, the urgency and the terms have been discussed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us concerning any queries. We are sure we will find a mutually beneficial solution.